PowerBASIC Gazette #22 (English)


From: Bob Zale, President
      PowerBASIC, Inc.

To:  Our valued PowerBASIC customers

PowerBASIC Gazette #22
======================        ***  PowerTREE 1.1 Released  ***

Dear customer,

We hinted earlier...  But now it's official...

            PowerTREE 1.1 is available today

            PowerTREE updates are absolutely free

            PowerTREE pricing slashed by over 50%

Are we crazy?  Could be...  So take the opportunity today.

Seriously, though, we're very pleased to announce the release of
PowerTREE version 1.1.  Better performance.  Better reliability.
Perhaps even more important, better cost!  With PowerTREE 1.1,
you'll get the DOS version, the Win16 version, and the Win32
version, all three of them for just $99.  Less than half the
previous cost.

If you already own the Dos version, you can update to the new Dos
version for free!  And likewise for the Windows version!  If you
already own both, then both updates are free!  Sounds too good to
be true?  Perhaps...  There is one very small condition:  In order
to qualify for this free update, we just ask that you download it
from our web site.  So gather up your serial numbers and head for
our web site at www.powerbasic.com    It's just that easy!

So, what if you own just the Dos version and want Windows, too?
Or vice-versa?  What if you own both, but can't bring yourself to
download them?  Then just order the PowerTREE Crossgrade at just
$29 plus shipping.  It's just that easy!

So, what if you own no version yet?  Order the complete package--
PowerTREE for DOS, PowerTREE for Win16, PowerTREE for Win32, all
three versions for just $99 plus shipping.  It's just that easy!

PowerTree BTree Manager 1.1 (Now $99) is a brand new release of
this time-tested product.  If you like "Faster/Smaller", then
PowerTree is just what the doctor ordered.  PowerTree offers a
concise, proprietary B+Tree algorithm for indexed data management.
You design data files any way you want.  PowerTree uses them at
lightning speed.  You can access your list in zip code sequence,
alphabetically, or use virtually any other criteria.  You'll find
a record for "Clint Eastwood", out of thousands, in a heartbeat.

PowerTree is friendly.  Just 14 functions to learn, not hundreds,
and with auto-locking, multi-user/multi-threading is a breeze.
PowerTree was priced at $129/Win plus $89/Dos, but now it's just
$99 total for all versions combined -- Win32, Win16, Dos -- and
there's never a royalty for distribution with your code.  Buy it
once, use and distribute it forever.

In the next few days, we'll be publishing an in-depth review of
the new PowerTREE version 1.1.  Theory.  Examples.  All that
"under-the-hood" stuff I know you'll like.  So please watch for
it!  In the meantime, for additional information on PowerTREE,
go to www.powerbasic.com/products/powertree/ to check it out.

To order, call us today at (800)780-7707 or (831)659-8000, fax
an order to (831)659-8008.  Place an electronic order on our web
site at www.powerbasic.com, or even mail it to us.   But no matter
the method, do it today and do it with confidence.  PowerBASIC
products, other than downloads, are offered with a money-back
guarantee for a full 30 days from the transaction date.

                      PowerBASIC Price List
 PB/CC Console Compiler 2.0:  $  159.00
   Printed manual:             $   29.00
 PB/DLL GUI Compiler 6.0:     $  189.00
   Printed manual:             $   29.00
 PowerBASIC Dos 3.5:          $    99.00
   Printed manuals - 2 book set:$ 29.00
 PowerTree BTree Manager Dos/Win:      $99.00
 PowerGEN Visual Designer for PB/DLL:  $39.00
 QuickPak Professional for DOS:       $129.00
 PB/Vision for DOS:                     $20.00
 "Learning Basic" Book for DOS:         $39.95
 PB/Xtra III for DOS and Windows:      $49.00
 Console Tools Standard:              $49.95
 Console Tools Professional:         $99.95
 Graphics Tools for PB/CC & PB/DLL:  $49.95
 SQL Tools Standard Version:         $99.95
 SQL Tools Professional Version:    $199.95
 Shipping/Handling costs:
                  Any Software    Software+1 book   Addl Books
 Email                  $6               N/A              N/A
 Std: US/Can/Mex       $6                $6               $6
 Fedex US 2-day       $12               $12               $6
 Fedex US 1-day       $22               $22               $6
 Air Mail Intl        $12               $22               $6
 Fedex Intl           $28               $38               $8

 Fedex International Rates are for Western Europe, Pacific Rim,
  Asia, and North America.  Others please request a quotation.

Order online at https://www.powerbasic.com/shop/   or just send an
email with all pertinent information to  sales@powerbasic.com
We'll take it from there!

Most PowerBASIC products (those without printed books) can now be
delivered by electronic mail.  No wait for a package to arrive...
No high shipping costs...  For just $6 per order, no matter how
many products, we'll deliver directly to your computer.  If you're
outside the U.S., savings might be greater.  You won't pay taxes or
duties to a freight company or postal service, because they aren't
involved in the delivery.  Check your tax code to be sure, but some
countries charge no tax at all on transactions of this type.  It
could just be your lucky day!


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Carmel, CA 93923                               (831) 659-8008 Fax


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