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SQL Tools Functional Families

Elke SQL Tools functie is toegewezen aan een 'familie' om eenvoudiger overeenkomstige functies te vinden. Elke bladzijde van het Help-bestand geeft de familie van de functie aan, zodat u eenvoudig soortgelijke functies kunt bekijken.

(Voor informatie over alle dubbele functies zoals SQL_OpenDatabase en SQL_OpenDB hieronder, zie  Twee van Elk.)

Configuration Family

SQL Tools Initialization and Shutdown functions, plus functions that allow you to set and get various "option" values, which are used to configure SQL Tools.

SQL Tools Options:

SQL_OptionSInt, SQL_OptionStr
SQL_SetOptionSInt, SQL_SetOptionStr

Program startup and shutdown:

SQL_Initialize, SQL_Init

Info Export/Import

SQL Tools Pro Only...


Thread startup and shutdown:

SQL Tools Pro Only...


Environment Family

Functions for setting and getting attributes and information about the overall ODBC environment that your program operates in. These values include the ODBC version, the names of the various ODBC drivers and datasources that are available to your program, and information about things like "connection pooling", which affect all of the databases in the environment.

ODBC Environment Attributes:


Available ODBC Drivers:

SQL Tools Pro Only...


Available ODBC Datasources:

SQL Tools Pro Only...


Use Family

Function that allow you to set and get the Current Database and Current Statement numbers, which are used by all of the SQL Tools abbreviated functions.


Database Open/Close Family

Functions related to the opening and closing of Databases.

SQL_NewDatabaseNumber, SQL_NewDBNumber
SQL_OpenDatabase, SQL_OpenDB
SQL_OpenDatabase1, SQL_OpenDatabase2
SQL_DatabaseIsOpen, SQL_DBIsOpen
SQL_CloseDatabase, SQL_CloseDB

Database Info/Attrib Family

Functions that allow you to obtain various Database Attribute and Information values, and to set Database Attribute values. (Generally speaking, SQL Tools "Attribute" settings can be changed, and "Information" settings cannot be changed.)

General Database Information:

SQL_DatabaseInfoStr, SQL_DBInfoStr
SQL_DatabaseInfoUInt, SQL_DBInfoUInt

Information about a database's basic ODBC capabilities:

SQL_FunctionAvailable, SQL_FuncAvail

Database Attributes:

SQL_DatabaseAttribStr, SQL_DBAttribStr
SQL_DatabaseAttribUInt, SQL_DBAttribUInt

Most sub-function are limited to SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_SetDatabaseAttribUInt, SQL_SetDBAttribUInt

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_SetDatabaseAttribStr, SQL_SetDBAttribStr

Information about the Data Types that are supported by a database:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_DatabaseDataTypeCount, SQL_DBDataTypeCount
SQL_DatabaseDataTypeInfoSInt, SQL_DBDataTypeInfoSInt
SQL_DatabaseDataTypeInfoStr, SQL_DBDataTypeInfoStr
SQL_DatabaseDataTypeNumber, SQL_DBDataTypeNumber

Database Transaction Mode:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_DatabaseAutoCommit, SQL_DBAutoCommit
SQL_EndTransaction, SQL_EndTrans

Table Info Family

Functions that allow you to obtain information about the tables in a database, such as the number of tables, their names, their Table Types, and any remarks that the table's creator included in the database.

General Table Information:

SQL_TableCount, SQL_TblCount
SQL_TableInfoSInt, SQL_TblInfoSInt
SQL_TableInfoStr, SQL_TblInfoStr
SQL_TableNumber, SQL_TblNumber

Table Statistics:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_TableStatisticSInt, SQL_TblStatSInt

Table Privileges:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_TablePrivilegeCount, SQL_TblPrivCount
SQL_TablePrivilegeInfoStr, SQL_TblPrivInfoStr


Table Column Info Family

Functions that allow you to obtain information about the columns in a table, such as how many columns there are, their names and types, and whether or not they are nullable.

(For functions related to Result Columns, see the Result Column family, below.)

General Table Column Information:

SQL_TableColumnCount, SQL_TblColCount
SQL_TableColumnInfoSInt, SQL_TblColInfoStr
SQL_TableColumnInfoStr, SQL_TblColInfoSInt
SQL_TableColumnNumber, SQL_TblColNumber

Column Privileges:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_ColumnPrivilegeCount, SQL_ColPrivCount
SQL_ColumnPrivilegeInfoStr, SQL_ColPrivInfoStr

Unique Columns:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_UniqueColumnCount, SQL_UniqColCount
SQL_UniqueColumnInfoStr, SQL_UniqColInfoStr
SQL_UniqueColumnInfoSInt, SQL_UniqColInfoSInt


SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_AutoColumnCount, SQL_AutoColCount
SQL_AutoColumnInfoStr, SQL_AutoColInfoStr
SQL_AutoColumnInfoSInt, SQL_AutoColInfoSInt

Columns which are indexed:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_IndexCount, SQL_IndxCount
SQL_IndexInfoStr, SQL_IndxInfoStr
SQL_IndexInfoSInt, SQL_IndxInfoSInt

Columns that are used as Primary Keys:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_PrimaryKeyCount, SQL_PrimKeyCount
SQL_PrimaryKeyInfoStr, SQL_PrimKeyInfoStr
SQL_PrimaryKeyInfoSInt, SQL_PrimKeyInfoSInt

Columns in other tables that are linked to this table:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_ForeignKeyCount, SQL_FornKeyCount
SQL_ForeignKeyInfoStr, SQL_FornKeyInfoStr
SQL_ForeignKeyInfoSInt, SQL_FornKeyInfoSInt

Statement Open/Close Family

Functions related to the opening and closing of Statements. (SQL Tools handles most statement open/close operations automatically. These functions allow you to take control of the process, for special circumstances.)

SQL_NewStatementNumber, SQL_NewStmtNumber
SQL_OpenStatement, SQL_OpenStmt
SQL_StatementIsOpen, SQL_StmtIsOpen
SQL_CloseStatement, SQL_CloseStmt

Statement Family

Functions related to SQL statements.

SQL_Statement, SQL_Stmt
SQL_FetchResult, SQL_Fetch

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_FetchRelative, SQL_FetchRel
SQL_Bookmark, SQL_Bkmk
SQL_StatementCancel, SQL_StmtCancel
SQL_MoreResults, SQL_MoreRes
SQL_BulkOperation, SQL_BulkOp
SQL_SetPosition, SQL_SetPos

Statement Info/Attrib Family

Functions that allow you to obtain SQL statement Attribute and Information values, and to set statement Attributes. (Generally speaking, SQL Tools "Attribute" settings can be changed, and "Information" settings cannot be changed.)

General Information about a statement:

SQL_StatementInfoStr, SQL_StmtInfoStr
SQL_StatementNativeSyntax, SQL_StmtNativeSyntax

Statement Attributes:

SQL_StatementMode, SQL_StmtMode
SQL_ResetStatementMode, SQL_ResetStmtMode
SQL_StatementAttrib, SQL_StmtAttrib

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_SetStatementAttrib, SQL_SetStmtAttrib

Named Cursors:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_NameCursor, SQL_NameCur
SQL_CursorName, SQL_CurName

Statement Binding Family

Functions related to the Bound Parameters of SQL statements:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_StatementParameterCount, SQL_StmtParamCount
SQL_ParameterInfoUInt, SQL_ParamInfoUInt
SQL_BindParameter, SQL_BindParam
SQL_NextParameter, SQL_NextParam
SQL_LongParameter, SQL_LongParam

Stored Procedure Family

Functions related to Stored Procedures, which are pre-compiled SQL Statements that are stored in a database:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_ProcedureCount, SQL_ProcCount
SQL_ProcedureInfoStr, SQL_ProcInfoStr
SQL_ProcedureInfoSInt, SQL_ProcInfoSInt

Information about the parameters that a Procedure requires, and the result columns that it produces:

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_ProcedureColumnCount, SQL_ProcColCount
SQL_ProcedureColumnInfoStr, SQL_ProcColInfoStr
SQL_ProcedureColumnInfoSInt, SQL_ProcColInfoSInt

Result Column Binding Family

Functions related to the binding of result columns. (This family is rarely used because of the SQL Tools "Autobind" function, which handles most binding operations.)

SQL_AutoBindColumn, SQL_AutoBindCol
SQL_ManualBindColumn, SQL_ManualBindCol
SQL_UnbindColumn, SQL_UnbindCol

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_DirectBindColumn, SQL_DirectBindCol
SQL_ResultColumnBufferPtr, SQL_ResColBufferPtr
SQL_ResultColumnIndPtr, SQL_ResColIndPtr

Result Count Family

Functions that provide general information about a statement's Result Set, such as the number of Rows and Columns in the set.

SQL_ResultRowCount, SQL_ResRowCount
SQL_ResultColumnCount, SQL_ResColCount

Result Column Family

Functions that provide actual values (i.e. data) from the columns of a result set, provide information about a column's Indicator value, and provide information about the columns themselves (type, name, etc.).

Result Column Values:

SQL_ResultColumnSInt, SQL_ResColSInt
SQL_ResultColumnUInt, SQL_ResColUInt
SQL_ResultColumnBInt, SQL_ResColBInt
SQL_ResultColumnFloat, SQL_ResColFloat
SQL_ResultColumnStr, SQL_ResColStr
SQL_ResultColumnText, SQL_ResColText
SQL_LongResultColumn, SQL_LongResCol

Information about Result Columns:

SQL_ResultColumnInfoSInt, SQL_ResColInfoSInt
SQL_ResultColumnInfoStr, SQL_ResColInfoStr
SQL_ResultColumnType, SQL_ResColType
SQL_ResultColumnSize, SQL_ResColSize
SQL_ResultColumnLen, SQL_ResColLen
SQL_ResultColumnNumber, SQL_ResColNumber

Result Column Indicator values:

SQL_ResultColumnNull, SQL_ResColNull
SQL_ResultColumnMore, SQL_ResColMore
SQL_ResultColumnInd, SQL_ResColInd

Error/Trace Family

Various functions related to error handling and tracing.

SQL_TraceSInt, SQL_TraceStr

SQL Tools Pro Only...


Utility Family

Various utility functions, such as text-to-binary and binary-to-text conversions, a "string interpreter" that simplifies the use of certain characters in strings (such as quotation marks), and a simple Message Box function.


Get Info Family

SQL Tools Internal "Get" Functions. These functions are rarely used in programs because SQL Tools automatically uses these functions (internally) whenever an Info function is used. When an Info function is first used, SQL Tools caches all of the information that is related to the function, for faster access in the future. The Get functions can be used to force SQL Tools to "refresh" the Info data, if you have reason to believe that, while your program is running, a table has been added, a column has been deleted, etc.

SQL_GetTblCols, SQL_GetTableColumns
SQL_GetTblInfo, SQL_GetTableInfo

SQL Tools Pro Only...

SQL_GetDataSources, SQL_GetDrivers
SQL_GetAutoCols, SQL_GetAutoColumns
SQL_GetColPrivs, SQL_GetColumnPrivileges
SQL_GetDBDataTypes, SQL_GetDatabaseDataTypes
SQL_GetFornKeys, SQL_GetForeignKeys
SQL_GetIndxes, SQL_GetIndexes
SQL_GetPrimKeys, SQL_GetPrimaryKeys
SQL_GetProcCols, SQL_GetProcedureColumns
SQL_GetProcs, SQL_GetProcedures
SQL_GetTblPrivs, SQL_GetTablePrivileges
SQL_GetUniqCols, SQL_GetUniqueColumns

Handle Family

These functions can be used to obtain certain window handles, plus the actual ODBC handles of the ODBC Environment, each ODBC database connection, and each ODBC statement.


SQL Tools Pro Only...

It should not be necessary to use these functions unless you wish to write API-level functions that SQL Tools does not provide. (Of which there are very, very few.):

SQL_hDatabase, SQL_hDB
SQL_hStatement, SQL_hStmt


(For information about the "duplicate" functions like SQL_OpenDatabase and SQL_OpenDB above, see Two Of Everything.)

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